High-performance coaching for the serious poker player

I’ll help you quiet down the fear, insecurity, and frustrations you experience at the poker table so you can win more and and feel deep enjoyment every time you play.

Client Testimonials

“I now play poker with calm engagement every single session. 

My A+ game is better than before, and I am able to play my best for longer.

But for me, it was the balance between poker and life that was the real issue. Jason’s holistic approach was just what I needed. He doesn’t nibble around the edges, he aims for nothing short of a total mental and physical recalibration. The result is astonishing.

I have become much more aware of my thoughts and emotions. I have learned to listen closely to my own body. Curiosity, gratitude and wonder have started to flow more naturally and more often. Boredom, judgement and entitlement have fallen away. I am a better listener. My relationships are richer and more positive. 

I have learned to appreciate all aspects of myself. And I feel happier than ever before.”

David Funkhouser

“I was sitting there, watching everyone else self-destruct as the pressure mounted, knowing that it would have been me if I hadn’t done this work.

And all ll I could think was:

How much do I need to pay you to not share this stuff with anyone else?”

Kevin Erickson

“This work with you is what intuitively I’ve been searching for maybe my whole life- it’s way bigger than poker for me.

As related to poker, the mechanics, theory and everything else are fundamental and essential, but this shit, the shit that allows us to REALLY execute AND having a fucking ball while doing it…

That’s what I want. That’s what I’ve always wanted. So thank you again man.”

Stephen Holstein

"Working with Jason has been refreshingly simple and effective. He quickly tuned in to what I needed and he has the lived experience to relate with those needs personally.

In my playing career, as well as with countless students I've coached, I approached poker strategy only as a mental exercise. Jason has helped me connect to the physical and emotional aspects of playing poker at a high level.

Throughout the series Jason seemed to know exactly what to pay attention to and when. I sustained my motivation by following his practices and appreciated the clarity our conversations provided when the series was feeling like a difficult grind.

I'm confident his work will be of great value to anyone who commits themselves to it.”

Kevin Rabichow

“I reached out to Jason six months into having acquired a 100+ person company and felt my performance had begun to stagnate. I came across his blog and felt the concepts he discussed were not only useful to poker but transferable to the business world as well. To say I have not been disappointed would be an understatement.

Working with Jason has rocketed me to levels I didn't know existed. His methods have provided me with the tools to crush work, life, and poker.

I highly recommend working with him.”

Dapo Fadeyi

“Playing this way is the absolute nuts and I love it. It’s like a weight has been lifted. I’m trusting my instincts with confidence, no longer held back by the rules.

I can’t emphasize how amazing it feels to no longer be a slave to my C-minus version of GTO. It’s clicking. And I’m having so much more fun playing now so that’s leading to more natural volume because I actually want to play.”

Gerald Morrell

”It’s almost laughable how much you’ve helped me grow.”

Dan Chen

"I was so exhausted by my approach that I dreaded my sessions and was unable to enjoy myself away from the game.

Almost immediately after working with Jason that all started to change.

I've tapped into a sense of freedom and awareness that has transformed my poker game and continues to benefit all aspects of my life. Cycles of self doubt that used to linger for months are often resolved in minutes.

Working with Jason has highlighted what's really holding me back, how I truly want to live, and how to enjoy every moment of it."

Darius Bucinskas

"I've never felt better in my life than I do right now.”

Robbie Kohler

“I used to be so tense and drained and stressed but since working with Jason I have a newfound perspective on everything I do and am happy again.

The tools he has provided me has made for better quality play and experiences off the table.

I can't recommend working with Jason enough.”

Matt Carlson

“I went from trying to feel nothing at all times to embracing all the feelings and emotions that come on at any time. I can finally feel the love for myself that I didn't know I needed so badly which has led to more fun at the poker table as well as a much happier life outside of poker.

I now feel incredibly prepared to accomplish all of my goals while living my best life.”

Andrew Borman

”I’ve worked with countless other performance and poker coaches and Jason is by far the best. I told him six months ago that I didn’t want to write a testimonial as his services are “too big an edge for others to gain on me” but he asked me very politely again so here it is:

I went from rarely playing above midstakes, to crushing high stakes over a large sample. From not wanting to play live tournaments out of anxiety, to waking up each day of the WSOP unbelievably psyched, feeling like my edge was through the roof, smiling when I busted tournaments because I cherished every hand I was playing and I knew that I played my best, and thinking to myself “wow, what a great tournament! I cannot wait to play it again next year and crush again.” From bouncing from one meaningless relationship to the next, knowing each time that it would go nowhere, swiping on girls that I expected to feel zero connection to and making idle chatter with them, to being engaged to a brilliant and beautiful woman of my dreams and picking out baby names.

If you want to know what it feels like to be Phil Ivey or Garrett Adelstein; LLinusLLove or Lena900; Michael Addammo or Fedor Holz, work with Jason.”

Jacob K.

"Jason helped me out big time. Like me, as a person. I reached out for help with performance and execution at the poker table and got exactly what I was looking for, though I hadn't realized that while high performance does benefit from a direct focus on the target activity, it really mostly comes from an inside-out application of who you are and how you're able to allow yourself to do what you do best.

And so for the help with poker and every other area I've since applied myself to, I couldn't recommend working with Jason enough for what I'm sure he can offer to anyone willing to look inside themselves and rebuild how they approach high performance."


"Jason basically changed my life. As many poker players I was the heady kind of guy, relying on my intellect to make it through any possible situation. As many poker players, I managed very well following this strategy. But I wasn’t completely happy, I wasn’t completely myself. Jason taught me to make a place for my body, to respect it, to love it, in one word: to be whole.

Pokerwise it materialised by me more or less stopping screaming when there was an accumulation of bad beats to the point I was hurting my vocal cords. It materialised by me being fully present when I have to take difficult decisions and not clouded by noise in my head. It materialised by me feeling the vibes of my opponents even better than in the past, as I was in peace with myself.

But I’d argue that in life the changes were even more beneficial. I’m fully proud of myself now, including my body even if I was bullied in my childhood for being fat, and I feel less the urge to shine by some clever pun at any moment; people can accept the complete version of me because I do. This feeling of solidity, of undestroyability, of connection to the earth, the elements, life, people, this love for oneself: it’s priceless!"

Alexandre Vuilleumier

“This is basically a Jedi training, where Jason teaches you to be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You learn to sense if you experience fear and how to melt it away.

Upside is that there is no Dark side. Downside is that you don't get to build your light sabre at the end of the training. But there is so much life EV value in it that it's worth every cent and more.

Being present while playing poker is great but what I appreciate the most is that I like being me more.”

Petr Kaminecky

“I now experience less stress, higher accuracy, with more enjoyment and higher profitability. I feel I’m equipped with the tools to be resilient in the face of variance and downswings, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve cultivated a more intimate knowledge of my own self.

The process of identifying and self-correcting potential pitfalls, and self-sabotage patterns in poker and life, all became streamlined after our work together.

I highly recommend Jason to any poker player looking to unlock their true potential at the tables, and in their life.”

Jack O’Hara

“Working with Jason has helped me enormously. I find myself much more calmer and focused on and off the tables. As a result my relationship with poker has began to shift away from total stress into a more enjoyable and sustainable relationship.

When I reached out to Jason I was unaware of just how poor and detrimental my mindset was, at the time I described myself an "emotional dunce". I had spent most of my life up to this point ignoring my emotions and I had very little understanding or awareness of them. Jason was able to help me build a level of emotional awareness that I once thought was impossible for me.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jason can help anyone who wants to improve and be the best version of themselves.”

Anthony McEvoy

“I was pretty much always agitated and irascible while playing poker. My tilt was so bad that after a certain point I was more concerned about quality of life/physical health than I was with how it was affecting my results. I had pretty much accepted my fate of being a perpetual tilter when I was introduced to Jason.

I had tried everything under the sun to control my anger with little to no results, and spent so much time suppressing my negative emotions and being ashamed of them that the idea of embracing these emotions never crossed my mind. The majority of the work we have done revolves around accepting my emotions and understanding how these emotions can actually benefit me when channeled appropriately.

This is a new approach to the mental game that I believe top performers will be adopting in years to come both within and outside the poker industry. I have made more strides over the last three months than I have over twelve years of playing the game. If you’re willing to put in the work, I can’t imagine that working with Jason isn’t going to substantially help your game in one way or another.”

Kaivon Hakimi

“I only wish I had been coached by Jason years ago.

I had many areas I wanted to improve. From mentally in-game, to reducing junk food off it, most people do not realise these things are triggered from something deeper, and logic and willpower does not fix the problem. Working with Jason allowed me to explore the origin of these roots in a way I could never manage alone, along with a solution.

I have seen improvements in all areas of my life working with Jason which are only getting stronger after. Poker is much more enjoyable now I have started to free myself from the impulses that take over and hold me back. Away from the table, vices have much less of a hold now that their true purpose has gradually been exhausted. In everyday life I am happier, and it's great knowing I now have the adjustments to continue the improvement. I highly recommend Jason for anyone serious about self improvement.”

Paul Coles

“Working with Jason has not only brought more peace, ease, and flow to my poker play, but to many aspects of my life.

His sessions are very unique compared to other mindset coaches I’ve worked with.

I highly recommend Jason for anyone interested in improving their poker play or quality of life."

Andrew Wahler

”I’ve invested in multiple mental game coaches over the last year, and my experience with Jason was second to none. He’s taught me how to find presence and perform at an elite level when the pressure is most intense.

I play golf for money regularly and I’m around a 5-6 handicap. I’ve been wanting to make the next leap forward for a while and Jason has put me in a position to make this possible. Jason taught me this crucial principle: Our mind and body are not always on the same page. This might be most evident in golf, where people constantly give directions to the body with terrible results. I silence these instructions now. Instead, I connect to my breath, environment, and instincts. The process is incredible.

Working with Jason, I’ve optimized my pre-shot routine and honed my ability to feel total connection for more power, accuracy, and consistency. I now sense more through my body, embrace my emotions, and use that energy to feel more connected and take my game even higher. Best of all, I never bark instructions at myself anymore. I am free. Jason genuinely cares and has great energy at all times. While challenging me, he also gives me the freedom to figure out things on my own. I feel like I have a new club in my bag that has unlimited potential. It’s not limited to golf either, the value spreads to all areas of life.

Jason is a beast. Do yourself a favor and book the consult that will unlock your journey to greatness.”

Byron Burns

“Working with Jason has had an incredible positive impact on all aspects of my daily life. Throughout my day I apply various presencing tools and practices that allow me to find more fulfillment, enjoyment and peace in everything that I do.

He is great at actively listening to you describe the issues you are having trouble resolving and consistently providing insights and tools to not only help work through them but often help see a completely new perspective as well.

I am much more relaxed while playing poker and have found a renewed enjoyment for the game that I’ve played professionally for the past 10 years.”

Michael Schlegel

"Working with Jason has been one of the most refreshing and imperative experiences I've ever experienced in my adult life. Our work was centered around growing and sustaining through operating from presence versus operating through a toxic performance enhancement cycle that always seemed to crash and burn rather quickly. 

Jason has an uncanny knack for keeping things simple with applicable exercises that work in real time and always seeming to return you to this idea of operating from presence in order to have the sustainable, fulfilling, manageable, desirable experiences we all crave out of life  moment to moment."

Jesse Mercado

“When I initially climbed up stakes, I thought I had it all figured out. However, this initial sun-run caused me to develop a feeling of entitlement and complacency. I began engaging in self-destructive habits and doing everything the opposite of how a long-term winner should carry themself. It wasn't too long before I hit rock-bottom. I quickly sought out coaching as I knew I needed to make a change, and I'm happy to say that Jason was the perfect guy to direct me on the right track. Jason's coaching, to me, was more than just becoming better as a poker player. Jason gave me invaluable life advice through our sessions and I learned how to conduct myself better as a player and person.

A poker player's journey can be very solitary at times. It's difficult for those not in the poker industry to understand the struggles that you face in the day-to-day grind. Having someone who has navigated the poker world successfully by my side was invaluable to me. Not only did I start crushing, but I finally started to feel good about myself while doing so.

I highly recommend you book a consult with Jason. His time is expensive, but it's worth it if you want to navigate the poker world with no doubts in your mind and improve your day-to-day quality of life.”

Eric Wang

“I could write an essay about how much I’ve improved.

The fear is gone.

Now when I play, or when I’m home with my family and kids, it’s different.

I can stay more present at the tables and in life.

New doors have opened and I feel amazing.

Thanks for everything.”

Mihai Niste

“I was fed up with my experience of poker. I felt numb when I won, crushed when I lost, and I never felt like I was reaching my full potential. I hated how my poker swings were impacting my relationships and well-being.

Through my work with Jason, I'm back to consistently crushing the game and loving my life. Poker feels fun and easy again. And best of all, I started dating the love of my life a few months after I began Jason's coaching program.

With his guidance and practices, I've developed the emotional awareness I need to more deeply connect with myself and my partner. I no longer find myself stuck in my old patterns of feeling overwhelmed or detached.

I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is ready to feel more, achieve more, and truly grow.”

Jake Ifshin

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Ready to win more with less stress?

Join my 5k+ followers and receive daily tips on how to be at your best in the big moments.

Sign up today and you’ll also get my “Ultimate Warmup” guide FREE — so you can feel relaxed, motivated, and confident the very next time you play.

*By signing up, you’ll receive daily email tips and promotional offers from Jason Su.

Ready to win more with less stress?

Join my 5k+ followers and receive daily tips on how to be at your best in the big moments.

Sign up today and you’ll also get my “Ultimate Warmup” guide FREE — so you can feel relaxed, motivated, and confident the very next time you play.

*By signing up, you’ll receive daily email tips and promotional offers from Jason Su.